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Dr. Sebi has tested, traveled, and studied the energy that fills food and herbs that people of the modern world consume. I loved eating most of these foods but came to re-alize that what’s been shown to me isn’t what’s conducive to my electrical divine body.

It was extremely difficult to completely turn away from certain foods, herbs, and spices but re-membering my soul-purpose and what makes me feel good helped guide me to experience this new journey. Also, listening to what my Higher Self was telling me.

You ready? It’s time to unlearn what you thought you knew.

    • Yeast – destroys the lymph nodes and the lymphatic system. Dr. Sebi refers to candida as a yeast infection.
    • Salt –  hardens your arteries and eventually kills you. Caused high blood pressure, stroke, etc. Dr. Sebi recommends the use of sea salt.
    • Apples –  It has inorganic lead. Eat the original Gala apple.
    • Beets –  is a hybrid plant. Made in Holland Oxford; it’s laboratory product. It has inorganic lead and starch based.
    • Chlorella –  is not natural. It is a hybrid.
    • Parsley – Not recommended; also a hybrid plant. Use cilantro! Mmm, I love using cilantro for spicing up my food and in tea. Cilantro lowers anxiety, rids the body of heavy metals, and lowers blood sugar.
    • Almond Nut – It has cyanide and is starch-based! I must say, I have tasted the natural alkaline almond in Honduras and it is NOTHING like the almonds we get now. I couldn’t believe it. The natural almond is long, thin, bright white and sweet. Don’t be fooled.
    • String Beans – Avoid it. It has enough acid in it’s structure to be considered detrimental.
    • Maca – is a hybrid plant.
    • Maple Syrup – Formaldehyde is known to be used to make maple syrup. It is used to keep the hole open in the maple tree. It’s a chemical that does extreme damage to the body! Use agave.
    • Black Rice – Chinese made the black rice. It is not a natural rice, it is starch!
    • Broccoli – hybrid, unnatural, and changed molecular structure. It’s acid-based and has no nutritional value. It’s worse than spinach!
    • Cauliflower – It’s worse than broccoli. It robs our body of our minerals and has no carbon. Carbon is what the body is made out of. Why consume something that isn’t the same as you are?
    • Garlic – is an oxide of allyl. It’s dangerous and doesn’t allow wounds to heal. Its pH level is 3.3! It burns and destroys cells and weakens the membrane. While garlic does lower blood pressure, it destroys the membrane at the same moment. The demand for garlic is also so high that they’re adding even more chemicals to keep up with the demand. The US is the top consumer of garlic. The industry also doesn’t follow ethical practices. Having prisoners work in the industry and peeling the cloves with their teeth. Yuck!
    • Celery – Celery has the highest concentration of inorganic salt. Dr. Sebi recommends not using it under any circumstances.
    • Carrot – The carrot should not be eaten. Its man-made from combining the “Yarrow” which is the Queen Anne’s Lace and wild yam. So, it’s starch based. Anything starch-based accumulates mucus and inflammation.
    • Rice – Contains cyanide and high levels of starch!! Rice will compromise the mucous membrane extremely! It’s also high on the Glycemic index. Did you know, if you soak rice in water for a certain period of time it turns into a plastic material? Imagine what that looks like in your body. Consume wild rice. I love me some rice. Before, I could eat a bowl of rice by itself. I still do, but wild rice. 
    • Nutmeg – Deadly!!! Boil two nutmegs and drink the water; you’ll be dead in two minutes. Nutmeg has arsenic and was made by man.
    • Milk – It is 6.0 on the ph level chart, creates extreme mucus in the body, clogs arteries. Let the cows have their milk, people!
    • Corn and soybeans are two types of crops that have undergone genetic engineering.
    • Soy products – soy is a complex starch that creates sulfide in the body, it eats up the iron and oxygen in the body. It’s inorganic silica.
    • Cassava – the popular African dish has cyanide in it!
    • Moringa – Its benefits are compared to hybrid and acid-based foods such as spinach, milk, and carrot, and is recommended by the Ayurvedic Indian system who also recommends cow milk.
    • Spinach – has a pH level below 7.0! it’s not alkaline although it may have beneficial substances, spinach has a starch base and has no iron. Instead, eat callaloo.
    • Cumin – was made in a laboratory; it’s an artificial chromosome. It’s extremely bad for the liver.
    • Shiitake mushrooms – Dr. Sebi does not recommend the consumption of shiitake mushrooms. It is a hybrid mushroom.
    • Kombucha mushrooms – Dr. Sebi spoke against. It’s not a natural mushroom. It’s an artificial plant. And because it’s artificial you have to feed it glucose. Kombucha was made in Japan.



Comfrey, Echinacea, Golden Seal, St. John’s Wort, Paprika, Licorice stick (has 50 times more sugar than sugar itself) Pepper Mint, Spear Mint (mint seizes the brain), Aloe Vera. ALL SEEDLESS fruits, turmeric, lemon.


Spaghetti, Rice, Beans, Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Cane juice (highest concentration of starch). Starch is a binder. It’s a man-made chemical. To tie two unequal chemicals you have to use a starch.

Here’s a video on Dr. Sebi speaking about hybrid plants and food.


Love, honor and cherish your body always. 

Love and blessings,

Chan Sharice

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  • He said in his findings the red rose potato or red potato in modern terms is ok though


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