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I fasted for 3 days just water 💦 and coconut water and of course cascara sagrada every morning I drank about 16oz as a tea. Omgeee I cannot emphasized enough how wonderful this herb is!!! I’m so thankful blessed to have found you! This is a little too TMI but I actually witnessed the mucus gross!!!!!!! I was just full of emotions lol. I feel so energized more uplifted happy!!! I haven’t had any panic attacks.

Elizabeth (Houston, TX)

The path you've opened up to me. I have my life back. I have hope again. I feel love again. I'm grateful.

Kevin (Chicago, IL)

I’ve been coughing up a storm for months. I tried every over the counter medication- Mucinex, Robittussin D, DayQuil NyQuil, and many other decongessions. Nothing worked. After two weeks of the mucus cleanse I noticed the change. Even my friends commented that I was no longer coughing after every other sentence. This is the real deal if you feel like you have a lot of mucus in your system

Ibrahim J (Bronx, NY)

I recently purchased Sea moss because Chantel told me it would help with my iodine and iron issue, and it did! I'm feeling renewed already and haven't felt any symptoms since consuming it! 

Tiffany Parker (Pottstown, PA)

Tea taste lovely, It feels good to know your drinking the real thing. Plus, Chantel is super helpful, very responsive & very sweet. Seems more like love & passion for helping others & with every blend comes a hand-written note of gratitude. So thoughtful! Nothing is really hand-written anymore. Need more people like Miss Chantel💞

Jasmine M (San Leandro, CA)

It's amazing how these herbs worked faster and more effectively than any of the "medicine" that my physicians have prescribed to me. I have had horrible gastrointestinal problems for years and within 2 weeks UpfulBlends fixed all of my issues including anemia. I had to fast to clear my body, since it was apparent that my issues were caused by lactose and the chemicals injected into the meat that I ate from restaurants and purchased from the local grocery stores, and I purchased the Therapeutic Cellular Cleanse as well as Food for Blood, Burdock, Sea Moss, Rasberry and Strawberry Leafs and I assure you that I felt amazing and wasn't desperate, anxious or starving for food. It's so satisfying to eat well and feel like you full of life. I don't need coffee, I used to drink 3-6 cups of coffee a day.

Crystal (Ft lauderdale)

I have been having BV and yeast infection on and off for a few months now. I went to the Gyno and they prescribed me pills to take. They worked for about 3 weeks but then the BV came back again! I had to go back and they prescribed me different pills. It worked for a few weeks then boom it came back! I refused to go back a third time. I did not feel comfortable with taking different pills.I looked into natural ways to cure this issue and found Upful blends! I took herbs that Chantel recommended and made it into a tea. Within a week my BV was gone & hasn't come back since. I keep taking the herbs just to remain healthy & make sure it doesn’t come back (it hasn’t!) I’m so happy I found Chantel especially knowing that I cured it the natural way with a tea. Thank you UpfulBlends. You have a customer for life!!!

Cassandra Lee (Washington, D.C)

Chantel recommended Valerian for my anxiety that I take meds for. I've been drinking valerian two times a day for the past week and it has helped me more compared to Celexa, Xanax and Vistaril!! Without negative side effects. Only side effect experienced is tiredness, which is manageable compared to suicidal tendencies. It also helped me meditate more easily. And for a great price compared to everything else, I'm grateful for Upful Blends!

Brian Reynolds (Oakland, CA)

My period has been wacky ever since I first got it when I was 12! I never understood it and was taking medication for it since about 16. Since drinking Food for the Blood, my period is finally back on schedule! It's been two months and both periods have been on time and only 5 days! I am ordering from Upful Blends from now on only! 

Carla Prudet (Atlanta, GA)



I've always loved to cook, even before transitioning to an alkaline lifestyle! Come checkout different food recipes with an upful twist, and information on foods that are alkaline and hybrid.



Awareness proceeds everything. Let's vibe on a more conscious level!



I connect with herbs for it allows the body and mind to connect within its root state of BEing. Using only what we are made from, may we vibrate higher states of consciousness and LOVE.


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