Detox Duo
$43.99 USD
4oz (24+ cups)
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The ultimate combination for vitality, energy, and strengthened immunity whether you’re beginning your wellness journey or beyond. 

This is for you if you experience:

  1. The desire to maintain your wellness 
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'Healing is first created in the depths of our soul and the sparks of our mind. Then our body follows its lead.' 

"There are other possibilities to heal than what we've been taught up until now. I began Upful by supporting 10 people in my community to now supporting over 100,000 Kings and Goddesses around the world in utilizing plant magic and reality sculpting to create the life of their dreams.

I'm grateful to be here as an inspiration and facilitator of transformation from the inside out with the support of Mama Earth. 


Transformational Facilitator, CEO, Founder

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