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Give compassion to those who feel misunderstood & are bruised internally.

Give comfort to those who feel alone.

Give understanding and empathy to those who are lost in their mind.

Give support to those who don’t say they need it often but you know it will uplift and catapult them.

Give love to nature.

Give love to your partner, your friend, your family, a person you don’t know.

Give love to those who are down on themselves; to those who are conditioned from a dark past and need self love. Give love to them so they may have hope in their own love, that “loneliness” doesn’t overtake their mind and they may have the support system to catapult them to re-member their greatest good and God Self.

Give love to those who are hurt and have hurt themselves.

Give love back to those who experience, exude and give love deeply; to allow the cycle of love to refill its cup naturally.

Give loyalty to those who have been abandoned.

Give time to those who will give their last second.

Many people are living this human experience alone, misunderstood, lost, hurt. We can’t experience what they’re going through and we can’t fix it for them but we can help. We can give our time, compassion, understanding, support, LOVE. We are all the One infinite divinity experiencing life together. We’re in this together. Nothing is too much, until it’s too late.

Don’t regret not giving. Don’t let it be too late. We only have this moment. So, give beautifully in every and any way you can.


We can give our last because the universe will continue to refill our cup.

Nothing but love,

Chan Sharice 

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