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Hey, fam! BLESSINGS !!

I know we can all relate that life sometimes has its moments that are more difficult than others. We may feel off track in our careers, distant in the relationships we hold, helpless in our finance and lost with ourselves.

Over time after reading countless books, listening to podcasts and audios, I’ve kept a list of “Spirit Gems”, I like to call them, to keep my spirit focused and connected. These gems resonated with me the most that I said, “Oh yeah, I’m keeping that thang for later because it is preaching!”

Here I have 15 spirit gems straight from my notebook:

  1. Watch the thinker! – Listen to the voice in your head as the witnessing divine presence.
  2. Learn to disidentify from the egoic mind; be the observer.
  3. Some people are not creative, not because they don’t know how to think but because they don’t know how to stop thinking.
  4. Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have. Make the NOW the primary focus of your life.
  5. Accept then act.
  6. Thoughts must be rooted in love.
  7. Live in fear and you will manifest fear. Live in love and you will experience the glory and true essence of life.
  8. You must be what you desire before you can experience it.
  9. You always get what you create, and you’re always creating with the mind.
  10. LIFE – Knowing something and experiencing it is not the same. Spirit longed to know itself through experience and re-membering through the theory of relativity. Love/fear, consciousness/unconsciousness. You create the vibration and experience of your life. You are God, manifested in the image of relativity, divinity, and love.
  11. You are the creator and you are always creating the moment you speak and think a thought.
  12. Taking care of yourself is how you’re able to give yourself to others.
  13. Time is non-existent and you’re manifested in this realm of pure creativity.
  14. The soul conceives, the mind creates, and the body experiences. The soul then knows itself in its own experience.
  15. Be patient with the growth and remembrance of self.


Re-member, re-join, and re-mind the self of who you are and your power! Stay in a high vibration frequency throughout the day.

I know this will divinely serve you in some form.

Love and blessings,



Books referenced – Conversation with God, The Game of Life, Awaken NOW, A New Earth

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