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Living an alkaline lifestyle is intriguing to most and some aren’t even sure of what it is. On top of veganism being so hard for many people to do and me still young and having sooo much more things to try in the world, I’ve gone past that and changed every aspect of my life completely. It wasn’t always a sweet transition, haha, it never is right?

Well, last year in ’17, I was pretty fed up with the health issues that were holding me back. I had a business that I couldn’t pursue whole-heartedly because of my anemia, body pain and consistent tumors that I had to recover from. I went to countless doctors and had countless tests done, but no solution of course. Just more meds, go figure. Having something so dear to you, as a business, and not being able to fulfill your dreams and the demand of it, is difficult. Mentally and physically.  I explain a bit more in-depth on my blog, Strength.


So, I woke up one day and switched to something you guys might’ve heard, raw vegan. I’ve done research before deciding in taking that step. I knew, so far, that healing started when ridding the body of all that BS we eat and consuming only fruits and vegetables that connected us with our higher self; connecting us to healing without blockages.

Now let me tell you quickly how I felt with eating raw. Now, I was raw vegan for ehh 4-5 months. I felt amazing! It was extremely difficult at first making meals and understanding how much to eat but I’m a determined person so if you throw me into anything I’ll learn and prove to myself and others that it can be done. With the help of these three sites,, and, I learned how to incorporate different vegetables and fruits to make meals. I then put my own twist to it, made my own dressings, things like that. As long as I knew the basics, I was good. I also used this site called,, that way I could keep track of my eating and that I was getting the right amount calories, vitamins, minerals a day. (I still use it) Going raw vegan and not eating correctly defeats the point, you know.

I mono fasted a few times, which is eating one fruit or vegetable, for a whole day or week. I mono fasted with banana, mango, and watermelon. I chose those because they’re so good, haha, and because of the calories. I juiced A LOT. About once a week I would spend the first half of my day on a juice fast and every other week  I would juice the whole day. I did juice for half a week once, but that didn’t work so well because I was already unfit health wise to take that on and depleted from vital minerals. I listened to my body and stopped when it said stop. (Disclaimer – talk to a healthcare professional before fasting. If you know you’re not ready for it, do not do it.)

For breakfast, most of the time I made smoothie bowls. Blended with herbs, fruit and a cup of greens, I add my almonds, goji berries, and different things on top. Anything I eat, has to look good, haha. So I made my own cute looking smoothies in mason jars. My job at the time would always make fun of me for eating the way I do. They then were so intrigued of how good I made it look that they wanted some to try, lol. So I would come to work, get plastic spoons and have people try some and they loved it so much they wanted to buy it on a regular basis. I was like “Good ya’ll jumping on the vegan bandwagon!!!”. I love when I can help broaden peoples perspectives and prove them wrong.

Yes, I loved eating raw, I loved juicing, I loved my smoothies. I was extremely connected to my higher self, my mind, and body. I understood what it needed and how it felt. I was more alive. My mind was clear from fog and my body more vibrant, but I wasn’t getting everything I needed. I wasn’t consuming all minerals and vitamins and everything conducive to living electrified and clear of health issues.

After some time, anemia worsened, my body started to shut down, I had no energy. My heart palpitations happened more often, chest pains became an everyday thing. My nerve pain wouldn’t go away. I felt defeated, I felt that there was no light at the end of the tunnel. It was all because I was feeding myself hybrid mucus causing fruit.



I knew of Dr. Sebi’s teaching and the African Bio Mineral Balance. I loved his perspective and being that I took the raw vegan route and experienced that it wasn’t conducive to my healing power and connection to my higher self, I knew that I had to change things completely up and there was no going back.

Alkaline living is such a beautiful thing. It’s living in an electrified state, the way we’re meant to. By feeding our vessels electric food we gain clarity in our minds. We gain strength in our hearts and our bodies. We gain wisdom in connection with nature and overstanding the connection of the mind to the body and the body to the mind. We gain love! We gain love for ourselves, love for our minds, love for life’s beauty and nature; love for our children and grandchildren that’ll grow from the seed that you’ve planted into your purest unconditioned soil, soil that you yourself have laid down, not soil from the programmed small minded people of the modern world.

Most of all, and why I live alkaline is that we gain freedom! Freedom from years of conditioning. Freedom from paradigms and programming from those that want to keep us confined and as robots. We gain freedom in breaking the idea that sickness is a part of life or hereditary. We gain freedom from our minds of negative and limited beliefs. We gain this moment in the most electrified frequency possible.

Let’s see, things I don’t do that people would find crazy:

  • i don’t drink alcohol
  • i don’t drink wine
  • i don’t eat rice (only wild rice)
  • i don’t drink juice unless I freshly squeezed it
  • i don’t use soaps, cleansers or lotions from the store anymore
  • i don’t use regular nail polish
  • i don’t use regular hair products
  • i don’t drink out of a water bottle
  • i don’t eat “vegan” food from the store
  • Now I do use vegan makeup products because well.. I need to get cute every now and then and there aren’t any alkaline make up brands out there… yet.

Now, living alkaline was not easy at first. I have to remember and understand that I’m starting the ripple effect and breaking years on years of conditioning since birth. That’s a lot to handle, it’s all I ever knew, but overstanding that everything which was taught to me, my parents, my family is not always right and overstanding that my roots and nature has the answer, I begin to have a clear vision and perspective.

The voice that’s telling me it’s hard or to go back to the “normal” way of living is just my conditioned mind, trying to come back and put me in a position of comfortability and familiarity. I don’t want to be there.  Who would want to be confined? I don’t want to live less than how amazing and vibrant with love and life that I’m feeling now. I’m living in this modern world with wisdom, clarity, and health that I never thought would be attainable.

The temptation of food, the temptation of using products that have a bunch of shit we can’t even pronounce in it, family tempting me to come back to their way of living. It’s difficult. You begin to think you’re alone, you naturally become distant from friends/family because they’re not on the same vibratory frequency you’re on, you become the “joke” of the family, you get in a state of defensiveness. Ego comes up, but I’ve prepared for this. I study the ego and its identity in myself and others. I overstand that most people aren’t ready for awakening; they aren’t ready to begin the journey that I have at this exact moment; they may not ever be ready because the paradigm is so strongly embedded in their ego, they believe that the way they lived is the only way, and that’s okay! I’m acceptant now and open my arms up to them when they’re ready. That’s all you can do, you know.

When the ego comes and I start feeling down, defensive, I come back to my root. I come back to the watcher of the mind, the light. I choose to live in a fully empowered state. All things are difficult in the beginning but we have to overcome the mind! Like attracts like. I attract greatness, love, purity, health, abundance in all it’s high-frequency state.


When I went to Honduras, I talked to Sebi’s nephew often, learning and gaining wisdom from what he has seen and experienced. See, I didn’t go to Usha Village only to heal, I went for spiritual growth. Aside from the many talks we had, he told me of how he only drinks sea moss in the morning with a glass of water and nothing else until dinner, which he’ll then eat a big salad. If he gets hungry through-out the day, he’ll eat a few fruits but nothing more. Sebi taught him to live without addiction and desire for food.

Before he passed, Sebi brought his family into his home and they fasted for 90 days. Nothing but sea moss and herbs during that time. Throughout those days, Sebi taught them everything he knew. He gave them wisdom and guided them to awareness. They were all living their own lives, not living in alkalinity and Sebi knew that his time was coming so it was their time to take the torch.

After those 90 days, they came out of that home on a high. Radiant and vibrant with life and love. Overstanding of God, Allah, Higher-Self, whatever you call it, but the One greater power in every part of this world. Overstanding nature and how we’re to live in alignment with it.

I gained so much wisdom during my experience in Honduras and declare to stay in the pure electrified state of peace, love, and awareness. I envision to help others with their journey as well in returning to our roots, living upfully not only in what we consume but electrified living in all aspects of life.

Dis-ease can only live in an acidic environment. The mucus (acid) is caused by the consumption of Meat, Starch, and Lactose. Eating alkaline food promotes an alkalineenvironment within the body, which helps you to heal, achieve optimum health and live an epic life!


You can learn more about Dr. Sebi and the African Bio Mineral Balance here.

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  • It’s good writing here about ego and needing to figure out when to make those breaks with conditioning. Its a difficult choice for healers to make to leave their loved ones and families behind and go upon their healing journeys. Many blessings for you on yours!

    Michael O'Brien

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