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Batana – my new long lost friend.


When in Honduras at Usha Village, Sebi’s nephew, told me about Batana and how amazing it is for the hair and skin, along with sea moss. I’ve never heard of it before but was receptive in trying. On my last day there, someone at the village brought me a bottle of batana to bring back home with me. I used some before leaving and as soon as I stepped out of my cottage everyone was saying how beautiful my hair looked and that I looked completely different with my hair out and flowing. It was crazy, lol. Immediately after using, I saw and felt a difference. My hair looked extremely healthy and shiny.

So, I’ve been using batana on my skin as well as my hair for about a month now and I must tell you that my skin is EXTREMELY soft, smooth, radiant and my smile marks on my face have smoothed out. I also had a lot of acne in the past few months from the quick transition of lifestyle, so I had marks and uneven tone on my cheeks and forehead. Now, they’re almost nonexistent in just a months time! My nails and cuticles also look healthy and strong. For while, my hair was falling out from anemia and hair loss was a concern for me at one moment. Now, I’m reaping the benefits of thick, healthy and strong hair. I truthfully do not go a day without putting batana on!



Here’s some background on this divine oil and how it served me it’s purity:

Batana Oil is ONLY found in the rain-forests of La Moskitia, Honduras on the northeast side of the country. They call it the Mosquito coast because of the indigenous Miskito Indian tribes that harvest this oil. Although they work in the sun a lot, they are called “Tawira,” meaning People of Beautiful Hair and have produced and used this oil for hundreds of years. They extract it from the tree called Ojon, which is native to tropical Central and South America. The oil is extracted from the nut in the palm and comes as a thick brown paste with a distinct coffee smell. You may have to get use to the smell, as some people don’t like it much.

There are other palm oils, red and yellow, that come from African palm trees, but Batana is made from the American oil palm tree and is completely different. It helps to heal damaged hair and to reverse hair loss. It moisturizes dry hair, scalp, and stimulates the follicles. It gives your hair a thick, full body and beautiful shine. It also acts as a form of coloring for white hair. If your hair is white, it’ll become brown after several treatments with this oil.

For your skin, it fades scars and reduces stretch marks. It exfoliates your skin to get rid of layers of dead cells which makes your skin beautiful and vibrant. You can use it to moisturize your cuticles and soften your heels so they don’t split.

Each American palm tree produces 10 to 20 large bunches of fruit annually. 2 to 4 liters of raw oil can be extracted from this amount of fruit. It’s boiled, then pounded to remove the orange outer shell, and then extract the nuts. They’re then washed, sun-dried and cracked using a stone. This releases the kernel. The kernels are cooked over a fire to extract the oil. The hot oil gets poured into glass bottles to cool.

It takes around sixty kilos of raw fruit to produce one kilo of oil. So, eight thousand nuts make 3.5 cups of oil!

One way of using it is to apply it to your hair after you’ve shampooed and shower, leave it on for at least twenty minutes, then wash. You can even leave overnight, like I do, and wash out in the morning as well. I like keeping it on as long as I can. I also put it on my body after a shower every night.



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