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Usha Usha Usha. How grateful I am to have gone to Dr. Sebi’s healing village in Honduras! Every time I speak it, I’m in extreme gratitude and just get so damn excited, haha. 

My experience in Usha was very smooth. When I first arrived, it was later in the day so I wasn’t able to take the tour, but Nevid was waiting for me in the office. She gave me all the herb capsules I was to take during my stay and showed me to my room. It was clean and welcoming, with my food and sea moss waiting for me on the side table. 

My first official day was spent exploring the village and walking through the forest with Sebi’s nephew and a few others. It was absolutely breathtaking. The closer we got to the forest, the more my phone started to glitch and my camera battery suddenly died. I was a bit frustrated at first but had to pause and be receptive that it was a sign to experience the moment without distraction. Even though I would’ve lovedddd to have it all on camera, lol.

I was shown all types of flowers, plants, and herbs for healing and eating from the forest. I took some with me and planned on using them while there and saving some for home, but when we went to the waterfall I was in complete awe and forget them on the rocks.

In my first few days, I started to feel the benefits of the herbs. I started to flush out almost immediately and feel how my body is meant to feel in its natural state. I started each day with a plate of fruit and herbs. Mainly melon, watermelon, burro banana and papaya. Lunch consisted of different dishes, which was great; wild rice, quinoa, chickpea stews, tamales, squash soup, with sides of salad, just to name a few. Herbs were served at lunch as well. They also gave me a seamoss drink that I would consume later on in the evening in place of dinner, for the purpose of our bodies focusing on healing and not digesting. I lost a lot of weight from flushing out all the mucus and inflammation but felt stronger than when I arrived.


The rest of the time in Usha was to focus on my self-healing and spiritual cleanse, so I personally didn’t converse or surround myself with the people there much. Although, everyone was very pleasant and comforting. I spent time connecting and giving thanks. Everything was vibrant in love. I appreciated the flowers, birds, and insects; the scenery, scent of the forest, and the healing of the herbs. I planned to learn in every moment and gain wisdom from nature around me.

Everyone wishing to go to Usha village must submit an application. You can contact Saama Bowman to arrange for your healing stay at her email address

Watch my journey in Usha Village below:


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  • Hi,
    Im from Beirut lebanon and
    I’m wondering if I can have a healing in Dr sebi village for my disease that called fibromyalgia.
    Thank you!

    abir barakeh

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