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Nipsey Hussle Makes Documentary About Dr. Sebi

So, I recently came across a post on Twitter saying that Nipsey Hussle is making a documentary on Dr. Sebi. For anyone that doesn't know who Dr. Sebi was, he was a self-taught pathologist, herbalist, biochemist, and naturalist. He cured the incurable from blindness, cancer, diabetes, HIV, herpes, and the list goes on. In 2016, he was killed after being arrested by the Honduran police. You can learn about him more in depth on my blog here


I seen the video a few months back of him on The Breakfast Club talking about this and completely forgot. Now that I still see it going around, its perfect because I know people are curious to know about alkaline living. It's intriguing and challenging, why not! 

Hoping it doesn't come out like no TLC documentary, lol. Please Nipsey, haha. 

I haven't seen a trailer, an update or anything yet but I'm sure we'll hear something. I believe it'll be good, though!

What do you think about Nipsey Hussle making a documentary about Dr. Sebi? 


  • So the Doc died or got killed in 2016? Wen did nip started this documentary? Wow! I dont feel free or safe knowing its nothing you say or even think out loud without something goin on. Wo Lauren london and his family and you So So srry. And more sorry about its nothing we can do but jus like for yrs ppl was trying to bring community together gangs everybody that feel some type away about this should finish and stand up. They are biggest bullies and this needs stop. A fathe brother Son just got taken away for doing something right and good for the usa for everybody. Thats not right srry thats not freedom nor the USA i thought i knew and loved

  • They kill Dr. Sebi and now they kill this boy for exposing American Medical Corporation of their barbaric behavior.
    It will not be long, however difficult from over….Martin Luther King Jr.

  • Wake up it’s the government

  • It’s not right that Nipsey got killed man it’s not right. He was speaking the truth and doing for the black community one step at a time and for him to be killed is like why? And by who? Plus he tweeted that it’s good to have strong enemies whose a STRONG ENEMIES? SIP Big Nip

  • Its so sad that now he has been shot we MAY never get to see the documentary….. Kinda curious everytime someone makes a discovery about healing and cureing a popular deadly disease in the world they mysteriously die or (get shot )!?!

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