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Cordoncillo Negro - An Alkaline Powerhouse of the Forest

Greetings, family! Beautiful to have you here in this space as we resonate and speak on this upful plant that rids of inflammation throughout the body and serves us in the most divine ways.

This high energy alkaline herb has been mentioned and respected by Dr. Sebi who connected with this herb in ridding the body of inflammation, mucus, and supplying oxygen to the electrical system of the body, which is the brain. You may find a video below of him speaking on this plant of the forest.


Cordoncillo Negro also goes by the names: matico, aperta-ruão, bamboo piper, cordoncillo, erba di soldato, erva-de-jaboti, Santa Maria negro, shiatani, soldaten kraut, soldier's herb, spiked pepper.

The parts used in this plant are the bark and leaves. 



Stops vomiting

Kills germs 

Kills bacteria

Kills yeast/fungi/candida

Heals wounds

Stops Bleeding

Expels gas

Aids digestion

Eases nausea





Rids of mucus

Calms coughs


Serves the urinary tract

Kills viruses/parasites

Heavy Menstruation

Liver disease

Eliminates inflammation in the body





 Habitat: Peru, Mexico, Caribbean, Puerto Rico

Tropical alkaline plant which produces seeds that are then scattered easily birds. These seeds regrow themselves and even take over other indigenous plants. Alkalinity is a beautiful thing, compared to that which is hybrid could not produce this divine happening.

'Matico' is the name of the Spanish soldier who discovered the properties of the leaves when wounded in Peru and used it on his cuts to stop the bleeding. 


Amazon: Cordoncillo is used as an antiseptic wound healer to stop bleeding, prevent infections and to speed healing. The leaves are crushed or powdered and put as a local service onto ulcers, cuts and wounds, or a tea is made from the leaves and used as a wash. Also, used to serve inflammation, diarrhea, gastritis, vomiting, fever, and internal infections.

Peru: Remedy for all digestive disorders such as: stomachaches, vomiting, dyspepsia, diarrhea, gastric ulcers, intestinal gas and stomach cancer. Excellent tonic for kidney stones, UTI (urinary tract infections), cystitis, vaginitis, and various venereal and sexually transmitted diseases. Serves divinely for various upper respiratory conditions such as bronchitis, pulmonary hemorrhages, pleurisy, pneumonia, colds and flu, and tonsillitis and sore throats.


Matico has embodied a wide spectrum antimicrobial action. The leaves and the oil from the leaves or fruits have shown antibacterial actions against bacteria, fungi and yeast. Also, powerful in it's antiviral effects. 

Traditional Preparation: Matico leaves are traditionally prepared in infusions and decoctions, fluid extracts and tinctures, as well as capsules. 

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Antifungal, Anti-Candidal, Anti-mold, & Anti-yeast Actions
Cordoncillo's effective antifungal and anticandidal actions are thought to be within different chemicals present in Cordoncillo leaves and their essential oil, including dillapiol, linalool, and nerolidol. Many studies report that matico is as good or better against various strains of fungi especially against the fungus infection on the skin and nail. 


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