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Feverfew ( Santa Maria ) - The Miraculous Plant


The Miraculous Plant

This divine and beautiful plant is just like a dais. It's been used for centuries to serve fevers, the nervous system, and as a powerful antioxidant for body pain. Dr. Sebi gave thanks for this plant as he used it to support nervous system health. It's used as a tonic, tincture, tea, and in a capsule. 




The analgesic properties serves the body to rid of pain. Specifically migraines and headaches. The unique plant chemical it contains is called parthenolide, which is a magic chemical working miracles on relieving smooth muscle spasms and tones up the blood vessels.  

According to "It is the combination of ingredients in the Feverfew plant that brings such effective relief. It works to inhibit the release of two inflammatory substances, serotonin and prostaglandins, both believed to contribute to the onset of migraines."

Instead of consuming Tylenol or Advil, consume some Santa Maria. It also serves in curving earaches, toothaches, and menstrual cramps. 


This plant serves to eliminate stomach pain, constipation, and reset the digestive system. It also supports serotonin, which is found in the digestive system, gut. 


If you experience mental illness, nervous system disease, moodiness, depression, stress, or anxiety this herb is powerful in serving the brain and all parts of the nervous system divinely. 


This plant is powerful in ridding the body of worms and parasites in the stomach and intestines. 


Santa Maria holds cytotoxic action associated with interruption of DNA replication for cancer.[,,] It also serves in uterine disorders, 


Feverfew (Santa Maria) serves the respiratory system for those experiencing the common cold, flu, asthma, smokers lungs, etc. 


Feverfew also acts as a potent antioxidant, ridding the body against free radical damage and preventing damage to the membranes.

It supports joint pain by preventing deterioration of the lining of the bones. This reduces friction between the ends of 2 bones at a place where they meet to form a joint, which may help to provide long-term relief to persons suffering from arthritis.

You can find Feverfew here on our site, which can be used in whichever way you'd like! 


Arthritis: One teaspoon of leaves with warm water once daily. 

Migraine: Chew on two leaves. If used as tea, consume 1 tsp per cup once a day. You may find Feverfew here

Joint Pain: Take the root and boil it for 30 mins - 1 hour. Strain and consume twice a day. 

Capsules: 380 mg capsule - up to 3 times daily. 

Visit your doctor first before attempting to medicate yourself. 

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