Sacred Water - Healing Body Liquid

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This natural alternative to Florida Water was created by intentionally blending natural and fresh herbs such as Rosemary and Holy Basil, with hints of lavender, Frankincense, and orange peel. This concoction communes together for a full moon cycle before being packaged.

Its scent is light and sweet to invite in connection with the divine feminine and grounding us energetically to the Earth. 

Blends such as Sacred Water have been used for thousands of years to break up stagnant and negative energy from the body, cleanse and protect the energy of our environment; and to invite in forgiveness, love, and self-honor when in the process of healing from any form of trauma, anger, fear, or unease.

You can utilize this liquid for:

  • Adding it to your cleaning solution
  • Putting on the body to rid of fevers./colds
  • Putting it into a spray bottle to use for your car, at work during moments of energetic reset
  • When you're around different energies in your day that seems to drain you
  • Before or after meditation
  • Wiping down all items on your altar to cleanse them of any negative energy and clear them
  • Encouraging the expressions of emotions
  • Relaxation in your bath 
  • Anxiety
  • Clearing the habit of gossiping or cleansing your aura from those who gossip

Add a few drops of Sacred Water in the palm of your hand and pat it on any parts of your body - your choosing. It can be patted on clothing, however, it MAY STAIN, so please be aware.

You may choose areas where you feel stagnant energy or just a desire to protect your energy field. Great places to put this liquid are on the back of your neck, shoulders, lower back, womb space, and feet. You can also add it to a spray bottle and spray your environment that way. 

Add 5-10 drops to your bath to invite in deeper connection and love to your physical body. 

If you are pregnant, consult with your holistic OBGYN or doctor before inviting in this medicine.