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Mexican Sarsaparilla - Upful Blends
Mexican Sarsaparilla - Upful Blends
Mexican Sarsaparilla - Upful Blends

Mexican Sarsaparilla - Iron Powerhouse

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Sarsaparilla!! Another electrified powerful herb in the plant kingdom with the highest concentration of iron in any plant. Sarsaparilla grows native to South America, Jamaica, India, Honduras, and Mexico. 

Sarsaparilla serves in:

  • binding with toxins
  • detoxifies the blood
  • anemia
  • impotency in men
  • anti-inflammatory, antiulcer, anticancer
  • diaphoretic and diuretic properties
  • gout
  • arthritis
  • colds/fever
  • hypertension
  • pain
  • lack of sexual desire


2 tsp per cup, bring water to simmer 20-25 mins, consume 2-3x a day


100% natural and non-irradiated wild crafted Mexican Sarsaparilla


High in iron; manganese, sodium, silicon, sulfur, copper, zinc, and iodine.

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Bitter, Sweet


Excess use may cause abdominal discomfort. 

Avoid using when pregnant. 

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