Win a years worth of Upful Blends!


*fog starts to ooze over your feet and an Upful magician begins to appear in the distance, walking closer to you in a rush of excitement. It's our Chief Herbal Guide, Chantel, and she says...!*
"You’ve now entered in the Upful Vortex, divine human, during our Harry Potter themed Healing Houses. The rules of the game are below." 👇🏽

How to Enter + Win:

  • Place an order: Place at least one order between Nov 1st - Nov 17th. No minimum amount required. Simply place your order and enjoy your herbs.
  • Stay subscribed: Choose subscribe to email and SMS at checkout! You must stay subscribed.
  • Capture the Golden Snitch: Keep a close eye on your Upful Blends’ package once it arrives to you from its journey. We’ll be hiding a special "Golden Snitch" in one lucky customer’s box. If you find it, you win a year's supply of Upful and a FREE 15 minute live video call with our CEO. 
  • Email us: When you caught the Snitch, email our herbal guides your special code that only you have - that’s it! 

Don't miss your chance to enjoy a year's worth of Upful Blends + a FREE 15 minute video call with our CEO going into 2024! May the most Upful human win. 😌

Extra Prizes? Welll… we may be giving away other prizes during this time, so be sure to place an order and keep a look out in your package!


The year supply of herbs consists of all the herbs that will serve you best specifically and will be personalized to your needs. The dollar amount equivalent to the year supply is maxed at $700! You must be subscribed to our email and text blasts, and have placed an order to qualify. There's no minimum dollar amount needed to reach in order to be in the running of the year supply of herbs.