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About Upful Blends

Blessings, family! It's beautiful to have you here.

The name is Chantel and I am an artist of life; soul healer, free-spirited being living consciously in this human experience in an electric LOVE state! 

I am the Founder and Owner here at Upful Blends where we provide alkaline blends and herbs for the mind and body, inspired only by the teachings of Dr. Sebi. Within this vortex, I am here to guide you back to remembrance of love through consciousness and alkaline embodiment. 

For those that don't know who Dr. Sebi is, you may read more on his impact within this life on my blog, here.

All blends are hand mixed within high energy frequencies, love, and intention. We ensure we provide 100% non-irradiated and natural herbs from the alkaline soils of Iowa, Georgia; indigenous plants from the western Cape of Africa, which provide one of the wealthiest plant life in the world; and high alkaline herbs from the rain forests of South America: Peru, Mexico, and Ecuador to be specific. 

indigenous people

We believe and know that the frequency of LOVE is all there is and when we allow our divine vessels to resonate within high vibrations, may we experience an epic human experience filled with infinite possibilities in each moment!

Now, I wasn't always living electrified and you may check out my blog to learn a bit more about what brought me to this point. You may also check out my introductory video on the homepage or my Youtube channel at UpfulBlends. 

I first studied Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and other herbal traditions when I started experiencing mental and health issues until I resonated most with Dr. Sebi's teachings within alkalinity. I submerged myself in specific alkaline herb studies; and even more so when I went to Honduras where I was able to resonate with these divine healing plants in person. I now no longer hold the 6 dis-eases I've experienced.

I came to realize how many of us as a collective don't break conditioning because of programmed beliefs and the comfortability in staying within those belief systems. This goes for our connection to the mind and body; business, creation, relationships, and health. 

My mission is to inspire, empower, and ignite a movement of growth and remembrance of who we are through consciousness, love, and electrified living. 

Alkaline (UPFUL) living is simply BEing in this moment pure and consciously in all aspects of this human experience. It allows spaciousness for creative embodiment, radical health change, and connection to the mind and body. Using only what we are made from, may we continue to vibrate higher. 

I'm committed to motivating you through a complete experience that alkaline living is our root and we can live an epic life when conscious in the mind and electric in the body.  

Nothin' but love and blessings. Welcome, to the Upful Tribe!

- Chantel 

I give gratitude and deep appreciation for the knowledge, wisdom, awareness, and vision Dr. Sebi has given. I would not have healed from illnesses and regained connection, at least not in this way, if it wasn't for his truth. May we electrify the universe as one. 
*DISCLAIMER* The information provided on Upful Blends is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any dis-ease. I am not a doctor or other healthcare professional nor do I claim to be. I am not trained in any medical field. I am simply passing on my personal experiences and methods that have worked for me. If you think you may have a medical problem please see a holistic doctor or other medical professionals. I do not take responsibility for injury or illness if you chose to not be treated by a professional. but I do not guarantee the outcome if you chose to use these methods.