Alkaline Lifestyle Transition Guide (Conscious Plant Based)

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I'm filled with joy to welcome you all to Upful Blend's first ebook, The Alkaline Lifestyle Transition Guide! 

Have you asked yourself what is alkalinity anyways? Wondered how to eliminate pain, illness, and depression without medication? Maybe even said, "Heck no, that lifestyle is too expensive!" Then this transitional guide will help you with that and more!

The first guide specifically on how to not only transition into the lifestyle of alkalinity but also how to continue to experience it consciously.  

This 40-page ebook is a guide based around the African Bio Mineral Balance. This ebook is a transparent guide from my first-hand experience of healing and remembrance which will plant the seed of immense change within you. 

A bit of what we vibe on is:

  • Why do we get to experience alkalinity 
  • Bringing light to the myths of eating alkaline plant-based
  • Budgeting
  • Socializing
  • Conscious living
  • Super simple transition cheat sheets
  • and more! 

I cultivated it to be divinely simplified – so it's easy for you to use, and get started – without the hype, confusion, conflicting information, and stress. 

Are you ready to start your journey through an experience of a lifetime? Are you truly ready to live an unstoppable lifestyle, live in divine health, and reconnect to the mind and body? THEN LET'S GET IT, TRIBE! 

This is not a physical book. It is an electronic book available on any of your devices that support PDFs. 

The file is large. So, if the ebook is stating it cannot download you will need to download it on a computer or tablet with enough space.

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