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When will my package be shipped?
  • Your package will be processed and shipped within 3 business days of the order being placed and arrive at you within 1-3 business days based on the type of shipping you choose. Orders placed on the weekend will begin shipment on Tuesday-Wednesday. Deliveries are made through USPS, UPS, or DHL and tracking numbers will be sent through email. Read more on our Shipping and Handling page.

Can I pick up my herbs?

  • If you live in the Fort Lauderdale, FL area you may pick up your order by choosing the option at checkout when placing the order. Your order will be ready in 1 business day and we will be in touch via through our customer service number or email on where we are located and when to come by. Pick up hours and days are Tuesday - Friday 12pm - 6pm. If an herb is out of stock, it will be communicated with you right away. 
What if one of my items are out-of-stock?
  • I'll email you right away that the item is out of stock and provide you with an expected delivery date. Once it comes back into stock, the order will be shipped right away, free of charge, and a confirmation email will be sent to you. Rarely am I out of herbs, for I know how imperative it is to receive your herbs right away! In the case that I do run out due to unforeseen circumstances, it'll take up to 5 business days max for an item to come back into stock and start it's journey to you. 

Where do you get your herbs from?

  • Our herbs are sourced from small traditional growers and family farms in Georgia where sustainable, organic, and alkaline practices yield divine high energy quality. We also source root alkaline herbs that are sourced from the rain forest of Mexico, Honduras, and Jamaica; and a few root herbs from the African Cape, which are also high in alkalinity, energy, and have not been manipulated or tainted by man. The Irish Moss comes directly from Jamaica. All herbs are non-irradiated and organic.
What does non-irradiated mean?
  • It means that the herbs have not undergone radiation for shelf life. 

What does "c/s" mean?

  • To cut and sift (c/s) ah herb means that the material has been chopped up and the very small particles are sifted out. The end result is a product that is approximately ¼” to ½” inch in size with little to no powder. This process helps to retain only the desired part of the plant while still allowing for a relatively fine consistency that is ready for use.
How do you pack your herbs and spices?
  • The herbs are given to us in an FDA-approved light blocking bag that stops light and moisture from reaching the herbs. They're stored inside of glass air-tight jars in a cool, dry, dark cabinet until ordered. They're then taken from the jars and sealed again in kraft recycled pouches to start it's journey to you.

How should I store my herbs and Irish/Purple Moss?

  • A cool, dry, dark place is the best way to store herbs. A well-sealed glass jar in your kitchen cabinet will work fine. Ensure that moisture doesn't reach to them.
  • Store the sea moss in a sealed glass jar in the refrigerator. If you haven't used some of the moss, store it the same way as your herbs. 

Can I consume multiple blends at the same time?

  • Yes, all blends can be consumed at the same time. Consuming them one by one for each day. Once you see you resonate with them divinely, then they may be consumed at the same time. 
    How do I brew the herbs?
    • You may put the lose herbs in a strainer or leave the herbs loose in the water. Allow water to reach boiling point then add roots to the water and let simmer or if a leaf you'll pour it on top of the herbs when in a cup. All instructions are stated on the package. 

    • Do not microwave your water or use any other water than spring water. It diminishes the benefits and using anything other than spring water, such as distilled water, depletes the body of its minerals and causes calcification. Add agave or date sugar if desired. Herbs can be steeped twice, so reuse your herbs.

      Do you offer information on how to take herbs?

      • I offer general information on my experience and how I consume my herbs. I am prohibited by law from dispensing any advice on taking herbs as supplements or to help with any ailments. Please remember, that although natural herbs can be very powerful, I always suggest that you consult with a holistic doctor. I am not a doctor. 

      Do you offer information and coaching on the alkaline lifestyle?

      • I will be offering coaching and guidance in experiencing an unstoppable connected life experience: mind, body, and spirit, within energy healing, shamanic work, alkalinity, and the African Bio Mineral Balance specifically. Join the Tribe and stay updated on when this will begin!