Detox Duo

$39.99 USD
4oz (24+ cups)
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The ultimate combination for vitality, energy, and strengthened immunity whether you’re beginning your wellness journey or beyond. 

This is for you if you experience:

  1. The desire to maintain your wellness
  2. Low energy, stamina, and weakness
  3. Brain fog and memory problems
  4. Headaches and dizziness
  5. Joint and muscle pain
  6. Digestive Unease and excessive gas 
  7. Mood swings and irritability
  8. Acne or dry skin
  9. Constant infections, low immunity, autoimmune
  10. Fibroids or Cysts 


  • Food for the Blood (nourishes and detoxes the blood)
  • Therapeutic Cleanse Capsules (cleans out the colon and intestines of stuck waste and mucus)
  • 21 Page Digital Detox Guide - for the people who desire to uplevel their wellness and care about the crap in their food. 

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