Affirmation Coloring Book for Children

$6.56 USD
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Our newly released Affirmation Coloring Book is for children ages 1-5 to inspire them in becoming confident, inspiring gratitude, and connecting them to themselves and nature. It strives to remind children of their power and worth to increase their sense of self-esteem and confidence in navigating their emotions in the day-to-day.

This 12-page coloring book:

  • Builds confidence in children
  • Builds a positive self-image of 'I AM'
  • Inspires and motivates children
  • Empowers children to create their life in the best way for them
  • Helps children cope with strong feelings like sadness, fear, or overwhelm
  • Promotes creativity and encourages self-expression
  • Promotes knowledge on alkaline fruits and veggies
  • Eases and releases emotions

Comes with 4 crayons: Red, yellow, green, and blue.