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Cleavers is one of the most prized and appreciated herbs for its powerful effect in cleansing the lymphatic system. 

Its energy brings a natural flow to the body when connecting with it, cleansing of toxins throughout the day. 


  • Cleanses and tones the lymphatic system, relieves swollen glands. 
  • Panic attacks, anxiety, depression
  • Cleanses the kidneys and urinary tract (UTI, kidney stones, inflammation)
  • Flushing, decongesting, and cleansing effect on the body including the blood.
  • Reduces inflammation, detoxifies, and cleanses the skin
  • Helps clear heat and stagnation
  • Consume cleavers then sit in silence and you may get a sense and feeling of how deeply it can move congested 'blocks' in the body.

Usually taken as a tea, but can be eaten or ground fresh. Used externally as a poultice, wash compress, or in prepared products including salves, lotions, and ointments. Equally as suitable as an extract or capsule and may be lightly sprinkled on food as it has a fresh taste.

200 - 210°F

Western: Take 1-2 tsp of herb per cup. Bring water to boil then add herb. Turn off heat. Cover and let steep 15-20 minutes. Consume 2-3x a day

Silica, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium.


Astringent, Sweet


Excessive use may cause skin irritation

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