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Sea Elements - Alkaline Multi-Vitamin

Sea Elements - Alkaline Multi-Vitamin

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Here in the Upful Vortex we call this an Upful Multi-Vitamin. Why? Because it holds all 102 minerals the body is comprised of!

The alkaline seaweed in this synergistic blend are harvested in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, where cold waters and the open ocean supplies these plants with high amounts of oxygen, supporting the potency of 102 minerals that are held. They are then ground in-house, blended, and packed for you with love to support you in creating an alkaline environment and healing within self. 


    Take 2 capsules daily, preferably in the beginning of the day. Increase to 3 capsules daily gradually. 


    All wild crafted: Kelp, Dulse, Wakame, Irish Sea Moss, Bladderwrack 


    102 minerals


    Do not consume more than the recommended dosage. You may increase to 3 capsules twice daily if you feel comfortable to. Do not consume if you are on medications.