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12 Herbs to Heal Mucous Membranes and Rid of Mucus - The Alkaline Way

Greetings, Tribe! We held a conversation around what mucus is, how it's formed in the body, and what manifestations are created within the body from it, on our previous blog that you can read, here. Now, to speak about my top 7 go to herbs to heal the mucous membranes and rid of mucus - the alkaline way within the African Bio Mineral Balance, created by Dr. Sebi, which serves the African genome. If you're unfamiliar with Dr. Sebi you may learn more about him, here

What is this mucus talk?

Our mucous membranes are divinely strong, they are a form of our body’s protection system, but they can be worn out. Things like heavy amounts of toxins, consistent unhealthy choices of processed mucus causing foods, dairy, meat, and lack of exercise over time—especially when happening altogether—can cause the body to suffer. 

When our mucous membranes are compromised, they may not be able to live to their full potential of keeping out pathogens, viruses, bacteria, etc.

As our human body ages, our organs don’t function as well as they used to. The lungs, for example, have a decreased ability to clear mucus from the lungs as we age. Add a poor diet, and exposing yourself to chemicals like household cleaners, perfumes, etc., and you’ll have a scenario where you’re constantly dealing with an influx of mucus. Same with when you're coughing all the time and you think to yourself, "When did I begin clearing my throat so much? It was never like this when I was younger." That's a clear sign that it is time to cleanse out the body of mucus.


You can find more foods to steer clear from, how to read food labels, what foods you should consume more of, etc; in our ebook, here, based on the African Bio Mineral Balance, which is a mucus free diet.  

Alkaline Herbs to Heal Healthy Mucous and Rid of Unwanted Mucus 

  1. Blue Vervain
  2. Burdock root
  3. Sarsaparilla
  4. Dandelion root
  5. Mullein
  6. Orgeano
  7. Ginger
  8. Irish Moss
  9. Elderberry
  10. Chaparral
  11. Cascara Sagrada
  12. Eucalyptus

Quick reminder, in addition to eating the foods listed in our ebook, you also need to: 1) reduce your consumption of hybrid mucus causing foods listed earlier and in our ebook and 2) reduce and/or completely eliminate the chemical-based products from your life. There are natural alkaline alternatives to every chemical product (often cheaper, too), so there really are no excuses.


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